Louet drum carders are designed for simple and efficient use, so that your carding time is productive, pleasant and without adjustment. The non-slip gears are enclosed in a gearbox and do not require any lubrication or additional adjustment. The sides of the transmission also serve to keep the fibers of the carder away from the branches and sides. The teeth of the licker drum and the main drum are entangled, which is unique for drum carders on the market, which guarantees better combing of the fibers. The flexibility of the teeth allows them to bend and flex, providing slight pressure on the fibers. To guarantee a long service life, the teeth of all our carding fabrics are made of nickel-plated steel wire.

All carders are made of laminated birch and have a hard white coating.

An instruction manual by well-known fiber author and artist Deb Menz is included with all carders.

Carding and combing are pre-spin treatments to align the fibers, making it easier for you to spin them. Carding is essential for the technique of felting or the manufacture of woolen blankets. Combing straightens fibers more than carding. This difference determines the character of the yarn.


Adjustable drum spacing - allows you to adjust the distance of the teeth for total control of your fiber. All nylon bearings ensure they are light and easy to turn. Carding fabrics have teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber support for a long service life. The carders are solid and robust with the bodies in silver beech. They have rubber feet to prevent slipping. You can card a batt quickly and efficiently. They arrive assembled, lacquered and ready to use.