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Ashford Ball Winders


Ashford e-Drum Carder


Wind small to large balls of yarn quickly and effortlessly with this fantastic, simple-to-use e-Ball Winder.

Features include:


  • Ball capacity up to 500gm (17½ozs)

  • Infinitely variable speed

  • Wind balls both clockwise and anti-clockwise

  • Soft start allows you to control the yarn as it starts to wind onto the cone

  • Instant stop when you need it

  • Footswitch for better control of your yarn

  • 8mm (5⁄16in) yarn guide

  • Mounted on rubber feet - no table clamps required

  • Powerful 12v 2.0-amp DC motor drives balanced cone assembly

  • 12v mains power cord

  • Size 30 x 20 x 28cm (12 x 8 x 11ins)

  • Net weight 3kg (6½lbs)

  • Manufactured from beautiful native New Zealand Silver Beech hardwood with a lacquered finish

  • Optional extra: 12-volt car cord enables you to wind balls away from mains power


Anticipated Arrival in Canada: Spring 2020 

Hand crank and version of the Ball Winder also expected to arrive in Canada this spring.

Ashford new e-Carder is based on the popular 30cm (12ins) wide drum carder. This carder has two exceptionally powerful motors to enable fleece and sliver to be carded easily and quickly.


Features include:

  • 30cm (12ins) carding width

  • Batt weight up to 135gm (4¾ozs)

  • 72-point teeth on the main drum and 36-point cloth on the feed-in drum help keep the feed-in drum clean

  • Two 24v motors with geared drive

  • Infinitely variable speed control for both drums plus a ratio control to vary the in-feed speed

  • Acrylic safety covers over the drums and the drive belts, and a magnetic safety switch, for safe use

  • Stepped tooth non-slip drive belts with belt tensioners

  • On/off foot switch allows hands-free fibre preparation and feeding-in

  • When in reverse, for fibre removal, the drums rotate at 10% carding speed

  • Includes, packer brush, doffer, cleaning brush, on/off foot switch and 24-volt mains transformer

  • Carding drums can be removed to clean bearings

  • Large 21 x 31cm (8¼ x 12⅜ins) feed-in tray

  • Size 51 x 40 x 32cm high (20 x 15¾ x 12½ins)

  • Net weight 15.2kg (33½lbs) 

  • Manufactured from beautiful native New Zealand Silver Beech hardwood with a lacquered finish

  • Anticipated Arrival in Canada: Summer 2020